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     Features of the Karma 20T

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WGS Speakers


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Tremolo Footswitch

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What’s in the box?2018-01-24T19:21:37-08:00

All of the high quality parts you need to build the Karma 20T amplifier head are included, and can be seen here.

What’s not included?2018-01-24T19:20:55-08:00

Cabinets, speakers, tubes, and tremolo foot switch are not included, but are available as options on our Reverb.com page.

How difficult is it to build the Karma 20T?2018-01-24T19:22:38-08:00

This is an advanced kit for experienced builders.  You must have the skills, tools, and knowledge to build this amp.  You must also be aware of the dangerous, potentially lethal voltages present – as in any tube amplifier.  Please read and heed all warnings!


We are a small company – support will be limited by our available time & resources through email.  As this is an advanced kit – builders should be able to trouble-shoot for themselves or get help from a local amp tech.  The circuit itself is fairly straight forward and we’ve worked hard to make our documentation clear.

Who played on your example tracks?2017-10-19T09:34:43-07:00

The Tele track was played by Mark Goldenberg.  The Dirty, Clean, and Tremolo tracks were played by Kenny Greenberg.  Both of them are amazing musicians and we’re so grateful for their help!

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